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  Riegger sintered metal bonds for diamond grinding wheels

Recommended application
Bond designation
Hard metal
Standard bond for dry grinding, suitable for grinding wheels of all shapes
Bz 400
Hard metal
Dry and wet grinding, also suitable if small portions of steel material also must be removed
Bz 401
Hard metal
Bond for micrograins < D 46, very soft grinding, applicable for both dry and wet grinding
Bz 402
Hard metal
Standard bond for wet grinding, preferably used for peripheral grinding wheels
Bz 403
Hard metal
Bond for shaped and profiled grinding wheels (especially sharp profiles); suitable only for wet grinding
Bz 405
Special bond for grinding ferrites; applicable only for wet grinding
Bz 408
Hard metal/ steel
Special bond for electrochemical grinding (electrolytic machining)
Bz 410
Oxide ceramics
Standard bond for all shapes of grinding wheels, preferably used für peripheral grinding and cutting-off wheels; applicable only for wet grinding
Bz 433
Oxide ceramics
Same as Bz 433, only softer grinding
Bz 434

Riegger sintered metal bonds for CBN grinding wheels

Machined material
Empfehlung für den Einsatz

Hard-to-machine and hardened steels

e.g. DMo5, EV4Co, EW9Co10, chrome steels

Deep grinding bond only for totally wet grinding using grinding oil as a cooling lubricant
BBz 450
Wet grinding, standard bond for peripheral grinding wheels D > 100 mm with T > 10 mm
BBz 451
Wet grinding, with peripheral grinding wheels having T < 10 mm
BBz 452
Profilable special bond for peripheral grinding wheels used for profile grinding in totally wet grinding
PSB 490


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