Diamond and CBN
grinding wheels
Diamond dressing
Diamond rotary
Electroplated diamond
and CBN tools
Hardness tester diamond
Polishing and lapping with diamonds
Diamonds for turning and milling
Polycrystalline diamond and CBN cutting tools
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Electroplated diamond and CBN tools from RIEGGER are characterized by the highly even distribution of abrasive grains and an exceptionally even nickel coating as well as the precision of the substrate for rotating grinding tools.

In conjunction with the most suitable cutting material, these features guarantee trouble-free, cost-effective grinding.

Electroplated diamond and CBN tools
Diamond files and rasps
Diamond and CBN abrasive pencils
Diamond and CBN abrasive wheels
Diamond and CBN profile grinders
Specialty electroplated tools
Diamond papers

You can send your substrates to us for coating in grain sizes compliant with FEPA:

Diamond: D 25* - D 32* - D 46 - D 54 - D 64 - D 76 - D 91 - D1 26 - D 151 - D 181 - D252 - D301 - D407 - D602

CBN: B 32* - B 46 - B 54 - B 64 - B 76 - B 91 - B1 26 - B 151 - B 181 - B252 - B 301 - B427

* ... not compliant with FEPA


The following electroplated diamond and CBN tools are also included in our delivery program:

- Diamond dressers (dressing rolls)
- Centerless diamond grinding wheels
- Diamond and CBN cutting-off wheels
- Diamond crown bits
- Diamond abrasive belts
- Diamond abrasive cones and sleeves
- Diamond saw wires
- Diamond and CBN abrasive pencils
- Coating of precision tools for gear cutting technology

If you are interested in any of these Produkte, please contact us.
We will be glad to tell you more.


Electroplated diamond
and CBN tools

Diamond abrasive pencils
CBN abrasive pencils
Grinding rollers
Diamond files
  - Diamond needle files
  - Diamond riffling files
  - Diamond files
  - Diamond hook files
Diatex-diamond foils


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Manufacturing dimensions
Machinable materials
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