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CDS®: dressing system with integrated cooling

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Diamond and CBN
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dressing system with integrated cooling


Although the strength of diamond dressing tools is determined by their hardness, this property may also be a detrimental factor if they are used improperly:

Uncooled dressing tool contact may result in temperatures of over 1000°C, while the maximum thermal stress diamonds can withstand is only 700°C. In addition to destroying the diamond cutting point, this also causes dimensional losses and impairs the quality of the workpiece surface. Not to mention increased machine downtimes for tool change.

600-fold magnification of diamond surface under unoptimized conditions


RIEGGER has developed a system which uses single-point precision cooling of the diamond cutting edge to achieve optimal tool life and reproducible dressing results.
Due to its modular design, the system can be attached to virtually any of the circular and special grinding machines produced by the world's leading machine manufacturers. It functions maintenance-free and increases the service life of the diamond cutting edge by as much as 300%.

The system can be used for dressing either straight or profiled surfaces (angular head).

Increased tool life
Modular design resulting in universal application on circular and special grinding machines from all leading manufacturers
Varable adjustment for exact alignment of the dressing tool
High-precision tool holding fixture ensures vibration-free pick-up of the dressing tool
Individually adjustable coolant feed
System functions without any maintenance
An increase in cutting power of up to 300%
Reduction of nonproductive time


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Cost comparison: with and without CDS

Complete system with control unit for individually apportioning coolant (KSS)
to the individual nozzles.


Our tip for a book

Ekkehard Minke: Manual of dressing technology.

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