Basics of grinding and dressing technology
Manual of dressing technology
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This book tells you everything you need to know about dressing conventional grinding wheels in a well prepared and readily understandable manner. Established technical knowledge is organized and displayed in mathematical terms here.

This manual thus represents a useful reference work both for production planning and for everday industrial practice. The unexpectedly high demand for this book further underscores its general usefulness.

Excerpt from the table of contents
Purpose of dressing grinding wheels
Technological fundamentals
Manufacture and specification features of diamond dressing tools
Dressing with diamond dressing tools
Recommendations for practical applications
Selection of diamond dressing tools
Dressing tool wear
Calculation formula

Immediate improvement of your working conditions through consolidated knowledge

is just one of the benefits you can expect from this well conceived manual. Each article on an individual dressing process ends in clear specifications or recommendations. This approach enables the reader to immediately put the information he or she has just acquired to good practical use.

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Ekkehard Minke

Born in Berlin in 1940, Ekkehard Minke studied mechanical and production engineering at the Technical University of Hannover and has been employed in the Production Engineering Department of Bremen University for 20 years. During this period, he has been actively engaged in research and development, specializing in the fields of abrasive engineering practice and dressing technology. In 1989, he took his degree with a dissertation on the abrasion mechanisms of dressing tools. This present manual on dressing technology is thus the result of the author's intensive work in the area of dressing technology as well as numerous contacts and suggestions based on practical and scientific considerations.

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