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RIEGGER diamond and CBN abrasive pencils and grinding rollers are grinding tools for internal grinding featuring a high-precision shank and substrate design as well as a uniform abrasive coating. Free cutting action can be attained with these grinding tools even when machining small diameters by using special diamond or CBN cutting crystals. A high shape accuracy and dimensional constant of the machined bore can thus be attained together with an optimal tool life.

Process criteria and application tips

Determination of the diameter of the grinding head:
The arc of contact must be as large as possible.

The following formula has proved to be reliable for calculating the diameter of the grinding head:

Grinding head Ø D =
Ø of bore to be ground Hw

RIEGGER diamond abrasive pencils and RIEGGER-CBN abrasive pencils enable a true running accuracy to within several µm. As a prerequisite for actually achieving this precision in the grinding result, the corresponding requirements must be met at the machine end, especially regarding the clamping elements, and the necessary handling care must be exercised. The chucking length at the shaft should amount to approx. 0.6 x L.

When performing grinding operations on a jig milling machine or in moldmaking, extreme abrasive pencil projection lengths often cannot be avoided. For this reason, we offer you abrasive pencils specially designed for such work featuring a special shank made of material with an extremely high E-module.


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