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The concentration specifies the portion of the abrasive grain (diamond or CBN) processed in the abrasive layer. Since no basic standard exists for the concentration, we have adopted the commonly accepted international values.

Based on these:
Concentration 100 = 4.4 carats of abrasive grain in a 1cm3 abrasive layer

The concentration influences the performance of diamond and CBN grinding tools decisively.

It affects:
- the service life of grinding tools,
- the stock removal rate,
- profile retention,
- the dimensional constant of the machined workpiece,
- the finish smoothness of the machined workpiece
- the price of the grinding tool

Selection of concentration

The concentration must be matched with the grinding behavior and the parameters of the grinding tool.

We recommend the following concentrations:

High concentration C 100 -> C 135

Grinding process:
- Profile and shape grinding
- Deep grinding
- Internal cylindrical grinding

Grinding tools with:
- narrow abrasive layer
- coarse abrasive grain
- hard bond

Medium concentration C 50 -> C 75

Grinding process:
- External cylindrical grinding
- Face grinding
- Internal cylindrical grinding

Grinding tools with:
- finer abrasive grain
- softer bond
- wider abrasive layer

Low concentration C 25 -> C 28

Cup wheels with a very wide abrasive layer or an extremely fine abrasive grain


Diamond and CBN
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