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The exceptional quality of electroplated diamond and CBN tools is primarily determined by the structure of their metal matrix, which is precipitated in a galvanic bath, and the technology applied in this process.

Slightly more than half of each individual diamond or CBN cutting grain is bonded in the metal matrix of the primarily single-layer coatings. A maximum density (concentration) of the cutting layer is attained via the adjacent "grain-to-grain" spatial arrangement of the individual grains and the cutting edge number (Nges.) is simultaneously determined by the size of the cutting grain. The resulting topology in the cutting area enables a high rate of metal removal even when machining relatively long-chipping materials owing to the large amount of chip space thus provided.


It is not advisable to machine materials which form chips that tend to be deformed considerably, thus clogging the chip space. If a single-layer coating is applied, even complicated profile tools can be manufactured economically.

The profile and dimensional accuracy of such tools is always determined by the accuracy of the substrate and by the grain size of the envelope profile resulting from the overlying cutting grain.


Undamaged substrates can be recoated when the cutting grain has been worn off.

The electroplated multi-layer coating, which is comparable to the abrasive coating of a sintered metal bond, is practical for machining highly abrasive materials such as Al2O3 or thermosetting materials with abrasive fillers.


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